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Update v8.240206


A major release featuring updated Platform configurations pages and features. Also improved several FPL report components and workflows.

Changes include:

Fluency Interface

- Version 6.43.185
- Improved workflow for router add/remove workers
- Platform configuration GUI improvments
- Specific datasource / datasink icons based on types, instead generic icons
- Improved backpressure icons w/ mouseover tooltip
- New datasource backlog icon w/ tooltip of estimated backlog time
- Cancel connection add by clicking any black space on page
- New download Import Devices table as csv file
- New PDF print dialog
- Improved UI for Eventwatch Rules page
- Improved UI for all the resources pages
- Bugfix code editor (light mode font issue)

Fluency Programming Language (FPL)

- Sparkcharts now support using bytes/count values
- Histogram will now show empty time values as 0 instead of skipping over them
- Bugfixes / Improvements

Fluency Platform

- Requires datasource to be disabled before it's connection can be updated/deleted
- Router supports live adding / removing of worker
- Shortcuts to add rre-defined system components in Platform setup
- Supports showing datasource backlog delay
- Shows the last updated time of datasource
- Shows the time of last processed data
- Bugfixes / Improvements


- None