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Update v8.240127


A major release featuring updated Behavior Summary/Timeline pages, and improved look-and-feel for Behavior filters. Also added integrations with Bitdefender GravityZone.

Changes include:

Fluency Interface

- Version 6.43.181
- New Behavior Summary page
- New Behavior Timeline page
- Improved Task Status page
- Platform configuration GUI supports 'selected' component highlighting
- New GUI for AWS S3 platform integration setup
- New Stacked Table option for Reports
- Improved Setup Review page

Fluency Programming Language (FPL)

- FPL Report (v1) CSV download
- Bugfixes / Improvements

Fluency Platform

- Properties support in data sources
- Enable / Disable support
- Bugfixes / Improvements


- Added Bitdefender integration


- Remote login capability for Fluency Support