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Update v8.231115


A major release of a full-featured Fluency Platform, with several new pages, and major improvements to certain existing ones. Also adds improvments to FPL reports.

Changes include:

Fluency Interface

- Version 6.43.146
- Adds "argument" (on-demand) FPL reports
- Adds a new FPL task history chart
- Re-designs the Platform configuration page with D3 graphics
- Adds new Platform integrations pages
- Adds a new Platform device page
- Adds a new FPL Processor editor
- Adds a new Executive Summary page

Fluency Programming Language (FPL)

- On-demand FPL Reports

Fluency Platform

- New, full-featured release


- Added integration with Seraphics Browser security
- Added S3 integration for platform
- Added Peplink InControl integration for platform
- Added Azure Eventhubs integration for platform
- Added Duo, Mimecast, Falcon integrations for platform


- None