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Update v8.230627


A major update, an interface upgrade, and some backend changes with a focus on RBAC access.

Changes include:

Fluency Interface

- Version 6.43.90
- Allow closing to open Behavior Alert Tickets directly from the Overview page
- New Toggle to disable realtime notification in User Profile
- Introduced the GridAdmin concept to better support multi-tenancy admin actions
- Added a Site Policy configuration page to enable RBAC for multi-tenant clients

Fluency Processing Language (FPL)

- 1-click re-run of previous result in a new sandbox window
- Fluency logo in FPL report PDF export
- Disabled scheduling function for FPL reports w/ arguments
- Bugfix: Empty FPL results no longer shows the default table


- Added integration with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
- Updated SentinelOne integration to support CloudFunnel 2.0
- Deprecated SentinelOne Hermes (CF 1.0) integration

Collector management

- Disabled editing/viewing of offline Fluency collectors


- Disabled Windows AD data follow-up search in legacy notifications page